Friday, August 29, 2014

Eat in San Jose: 333 Truck

Beer Battered Fish Tacos

I recently had the opportunity to try 333 Truck, a food truck that serves the South and East Bay through Off The Grid. They serve tacos and burritos filled with Mexican, Korean, or Indian food. What's really cool is that you can mix and match your tacos. You can pick a Carne Asada, a Lamb Curry, and a Spicy BBQ Chicken taco and call it a day.

I had the Beer Battered Fish Tacos. Even though I'm not much of a taco fan, theirs were pretty good. They were fried perfectly and didn't taste too heavy. It was prepared minutes before I ate it, making all the ingredients very fresh. The juice from the lime brought all the flavors together and gave it a tanginess I appreciate.

Next time I stop by, I'll try their vegetarian taco with black beans or one with chicken tikka.

This photo was taken on a Nexus 5 and looks this good. Isn't that crazy? I'd say so.

333 Truck
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