Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Eat in SF: Tartine Bakery & Cafe (Pt. 2)

Chocolate Hazelnut Tart made with Valrhona chocolate and toasted hazelnuts

The last time I visited Tartine, a fantastic bakery in San Francisco's Mission District, I tried the Croque Monsieur, which was very good. 

This time I had the Chocolate Hazelnut Tart made with Valrhona chocolate and toasted hazelnuts. It was quite a delight. The chocolate filling was very moist, while the hazelnuts maintained their freshness and crunch. The tart crust was also good. This is the perfect treat to split with a friend (along with other pastries) over a cappuccino. 

If you've visited Tartine, what did you try?

Tartine Bakery & Cafe
Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Yelp
600 Guerrero St., San Francisco, CA 94110
Open: Monday 8 - 7, Tuesday - Wednesday 7:30 - 7, Thursday - Friday 7:30 - 8, Saturday 8 - 8, Sunday 9 - 8

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Monday, July 6, 2015

Eat in SF: The Ramen Bar

Tokyo-Style Ramen with shoyu tare, chashu, soy-cured egg, bamboo, scallion, mizuna, and nori

I've wanted to try The Ramen Bar since it opened about a year ago. This casual restaurant is the perfect lunch spot for those who work in San Francisco's Financial District. I had a couple days off this week for the holiday and I gladly celebrated with a warm bowl of Tokyo-Style Ramen.

The Tokyo-Style Ramen is made with thick slices of chashu pork, soy-cured eggs, shoyu tare, bamboo, scallion, mizuna, and nori. It comes with very generous portions of tender pork. The eggs are the highlight; their yolky center adds instant flavor to the broth and they're rather photogenic to boot. The remaining ingredients are fresh and complement each other well. In short, it's a pretty good bowl of ramen and was worth the year-long wait.

I would visit The Ramen Bar in the future. If you've visited The Ramen Bar, what did you try?

The Ramen Bar
Website | Facebook | InstagramTwitter | Yelp
101 California St., San Francisco, CA 94111
Open: Monday - Friday 10:30am - 9pm

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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Eat in Oakland: The CRO Cafe

Decaf Latte

This past weekend I visited The CRO Cafe, a sleek little coffee shop located in the ultra-hip Temescal Alleys. I ordered a delicious decaf latte made with Sightglass Coffee. In addition to espresso drinks, they also serve two types of cold brews, drip coffee, and artisanal cookies made by local companies. It's a third wave coffee fan's dream spot and one I will definitely frequent in the future.

If you've visited The CRO Cafe, what did you try?

The CRO Cafe
Website | Facebook | InstagramTwitter | Yelp
Temescal Alleys (49th at Telegraph), Oakland, CA 94609
Open: Daily 7am - 6pm

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Eat in Berkeley: Elmwood Cafe (Pt. 3)

Smoked Salmon Sandwich with cream cheese, cucumbers, pickled red onions, and lemon pepper on Acme Levain

Cinnamon Currant Toast with whipped cream cheese and blackberry apple jam  

This past weekend I visited a favorite cafe of mine, Elmwood Cafe on College. Previously I had the Poached Egg Sandwich and Curried Chicken Salad Sandwich, both of which were really good.

This time around I tried the Smoked Salmon Sandwich with the Cinnamon Currant Toast on the side. The open-faced sandwich was layered with cream cheese, smoked salmon, cucumbers, pickled red onions, and then sprinkled with pepper. The salty and sour flavors complemented each other nicely. 

The Cinnamon Currant Toast was a nice way to end the meal on a sweet note. The bread was soft and swirled with cinnamon. The cream cheese and blackberry apple jam joined together to make the toast even more special, but not too decadent. In short, I would definitely order these again. 

If you've visited Elmwood Cafe lately, what did you try?

Elmwood Cafe
2900 College Ave., Berkeley, CA 94705
Open: Daily 7am - 9pm

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Work It, Bloggers: Julianne of The Wink

Julianne is wearing an H&M shirt and pants, Forever 21 hat, sunglasses from Amazon, Salt Water sandals, Sephora lipstick in "It Girl," Butter London nail polish in "Primrose Hill Picnic," and a Kate Spade Saturday bag.

What’s your name? Where do you live? What do you do? 
Hi! I’m Julianne and I live in Walnut Creek, CA with my boyfriend. I currently work at a management consulting firm but I’m trying to break into the social media freelancing world.

How would you describe your blog? What kinds of things would readers expect to see?
The Wink is a beauty, style, and lifestyle site for the modern woman. I offer tips and tricks to help women look and feel their best. I enjoy reading blogs where I learn new things, so it is my hope that when a reader visits my blog, they leave knowing something new and useful for their own lives.

How did you get into blogging?
I started The Wink in the summer of 2013 as a way to document my move to the Bay Area and keep in touch with friends and family back home. I’d been an avid blog reader for a few years and had always wanted to start my own blog, but was afraid to take the plunge. At my last sendoff/going away get-together, my closest girlfriends from home encouraged me to start one (because I was always spouting off my random beauty and style tips) – and the rest is history!

How would you describe your style?
My style is casual-chic. I like non-fussy, comfortable pieces that I can live in. I love incorporating colors, patterns, and textures into every outfit, and my jewelry, if any, is very minimal.

Who are some of your favorite bloggers at the moment?
Alix of I Covet Thee, Amanda of Hammer and Heels, Amanda of Advice from a Twenty Something, and (forever & always) Naomi of Love Taza.

How has living in Maine and now the Bay Area influenced your style?
Back home in Maine, I always felt overdressed (the Maine uniform: Bean boots, flannel shirt, Carhartt jacket). Living in SF, I feel more comfortable expressing my style. The Bay Area has not changed the types of pieces that I like to wear, per se – but I do get to wear my entire wardrobe year-round!

What are some of your favorite places to shop in the Bay Area?
The thrifting in Berkeley is on point – Goodwill, Savers, and Out of the Closet are my top three. I also really love Pretty Penny in Oakland for high-quality, affordable vintage pieces. My wardrobe is a good mix of thrifted pieces, stuff I buy online, and the occasional vintage treasure thrown in for good measure.

You blog about a range of topics, such as beauty, style, food, and home decor. What do you enjoy the most writing about these topics?
I have a lot of nuggets of wisdom about these topics that I like to share with my readers. I also try a lot of new products and pieces, and my friends and readers turn to me because they know I will tell the truth. I’m not out to be the biggest blogger, but if I can help someone find their perfect shade of lipstick, I’ve accomplished something.

What do you like the most about blogging?
The community of bloggers in SF is awesome. I’ve met so many wonderful people and been to so many fun events through this little ol’ blog of mine.

What can we expect to see from you in the future?
I want to start incorporating videos and other forms of media into my blog. Also, be on the lookout for new brand collaborations and The Wink’s 2015 facelift (in the works!).

You can follow Julianne on her blog, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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