Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Work It, Berk: Meet Ciara

Ciara is wearing a thrifted sweater, American Apparel skirt and socks, boots from Buffalo Exchange, her mom's scarf, and a denim jacket she found at a party. More photos here.

Spotted on Bancroft and Telegraph.
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Monday, April 7, 2014

Eat in SF: Dandelion Chocolate

PB&J Sandwich made with peanut butter and raspberry ganache with a light brownie crust

Dulce de Leche Bar made with feuilletine sable, dulce de leche, and chocolate caramel ganache

Hey, guys! It's been awhile. Since my last post, I've visited Dandelion Chocolate on Valencia in the Mission twice. Both times, I was thoroughly satisfied by their delicately prepared dessert bars.

The first bar I tried was the definite standout. It's so good, in fact, that I've been daydreaming about it for weeks. It's the PB&J Sandwich, a gourmet throwback to an elementary school staple. It has three layers of peanut butter ganache, raspberry ganache, and a light brownie crust. In short, it's rich, delicious, and friggin' perfect. Like with every course I've had at Nopa for brunch, you'll need to take a moment or two between chocolate-y bites just to accept the fact that food could be this good. Since it is so decadent, you may want to share with a friend (good luck) or get it to-go and eat it later (more likely).

The second bar was the Dulce de Leche, which is made with feuilletine sable, dulce de leche, chocolate caramel ganache, and salt flakes on top. It is also quite good. It's not as rich as the PB&J, but you still know you're eating something special. Try to get a bit of salt in each bite to accentuate the dynamic flavor.

I still have yet to try the their Papua New Guinea S'more Bar, which is #19 on 7x7's The Big Eat 2014. (I know what I'll be having the next time I'm in the city.) Fortunately for the East Bay bound, their chocolate bars are available at several retailers including the Berkeley Student Food Collective.

More photos from Dandelion Chocolate right here!

Dandelion Chocolate
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Yelp
740 Valencia St., San Francisco, CA 94110
Open: Sunday - Thursday 10 - 9, Friday - Saturday 10 - 10

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I will be a part of Fasttrack, a fashion career round-table hosted by FAST, tomorrow night. Come ask me about stuff!

I tried the Salted Caramel Latte roll at Cinnaholic recently. Although not as pretty as the original, it satisfied my sweet tooth.

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Work It, Berk: Lise Statelman

What's your name?
Lise Statelman, but my coworkers call me Leez, Leez Beez or Baus. Occasionally I get Liz, which they say to tease me (they know I get all sorts of wrong pronunciations of my name).

Where do you live? 
I currently live in a tiny studio in Lower Nob Hill. I moved to San Francisco from Boston but I'm originally from New York. I'm living the big city, tiny apartment dream and I love it!

What do you do in Berkeley? 
I work for a startup called Kloudless — it helps people access their cloud files from within email. It was founded by 4 Cal grads and went through the UC Berkeley accelerator, so we're Berkeley through-and-through.

How would you describe your style?  
Cute and easy-going. My style muse is Alexa Chung — I love her quirky vibe and try to emulate some of that in my own closet. I tend to go for contrast: think boyish plaid shirt and jeans with girly, pink lipstick and bunny flats. Or a flirty skirt and pastel top with black, edgy booties and a military-style jacket.

What's your typical work outfit look like?
It’s really casual in the office so I gravitate towards comfortable pieces. I opt for skinny jeans or a skirt with tights paired with a basic top, sweater or chambray shirt. Black Chelsea boots are my no-fail shoes, often worn with fun, printed socks. I also keep a scarf or vest in the office to keep me warm on those nippier days!

How do you upgrade a typical work outfit?
I’ll often dress up a little more towards the end of the week since we do team dinners on Thursdays and go out on Fridays. I may have a piece I look forward to wearing earlier in the week that I’ll save for a good day. On ‘Corporate Fridays’ I’ll throw on a blazer, pencil skirt or tuxedo slipper shoes and call it a day!

Want to see more photos of Lise? Yeah ya do.

"Spotted" on Addison at Shattuck.
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Psst! Have you heard the March Playlist?

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

March Playlist by Reynaldo Rodriguez

The man of the hour

I'd like to present the March Playlist by the one and only, Reynaldo Rodriguez. In his own words, the mix is "...dedicated to all the people who are getting ready to go out but have nowhere to go (like me everyday)." The playlist features the likes of Flosstradamus, Major Lazer, and many other artists I'm not familiar with. Here's to a good time, albeit in your living room.

This photo was used with Rey's permission and my wholehearted approval.

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Monday, March 10, 2014

Eat in Berkeley: The Sunny Side Café

The Alameda: Mushrooms, hickory smoked ham, roasted tomatoes, and Swiss cheese between two pieces of savory French toast, topped with two eggs over-easy, Hollandaise sauce, and a balsamic reduction

Scram N Ham: Two eggs scrambled with hickory smoked ham and green onions, served with toast and black beans

Hot chocolate

The Sunny Side Café is another one of those brunch spots I heard about, but never managed to visit in college. I finally stopped by their Berkeley location on Oxford near Center this past weekend.

Being on a bit of a French toast kick, I ordered The Alameda. It features two pieces of savory French toast with tomatoes, mushrooms, ham, and cheese in the middle. It is then topped off with two eggs over-easy and Hollandaise sauce. There's also a bit of a balsamic reduction around the edges for dipping. In short, it's brunch perfection. I know I've used the word "perfection" quite frequently on this blog, but hear me out. This is one of those dishes that stranger patrons ask you about. It's very photogenic and a completely satisfying meal. 

The savory French toast was just that: the ideal foundation for the hearty ham and balsamic flavors within. It was not sweet like traditional French toast. The ham was very tasty on its own, while the balsamic reduction magnified its dynamic flavor in the best way. With a couple of impeccably cooked eggs on top, this was a meal made in brunch heaven.

Combine the great food with a great location across from the university, it is little wonder why The Sunny Side Café has been a hit in both Berkeley and Albany for over a decade. Did I mention there was no wait?

The Sunny Side Café
2136 Oxford St., Berkeley, CA 94704
Open: Monday - Friday 8 - 3, Saturday - Sunday 8:30 - 3

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