Monday, October 26, 2009

The Three Amigas..?

I've realized how much I love taking photographs of more than one person, especially groups of three. It creates a new dynamic in how the subjects interact with each other. This is exceedingly apparent in the range of expressions and poses.

This photograph is a case in point. The girl on the left is in the process of eating a scrumptious hot-diggity-dog, the girl in the middle is starring outside of the frame's range into the long-lost land of Telegraph Avenue, and the girl on the right is in a full-blown pose. I don't know if I've been learning too much statistics in my econ class or not, but you can almost say there is an element of randomness in whatever poses or expressions your subjects will have.

Anyways, back to the clothes! The girl on the left has paired a solid navy cardigan and a white top with a teal front-button floral skirt. The girl in the middle is wearing a comfortable red tank, splattered 90's-style loose-fitting bottoms, and black leather lace-up booties. The girl on the right is wearing an almost angelic white flowy dress (similar to this white skirt I spotted previously) with worn, brown leather lace-up boots.

Fun fact: these girls are friends with Ms. Jordan Catalano from a few posts ago.
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