Friday, November 26, 2010

Work It, BARE: Julia Joung

I've got good news -- the Work It, BARE series, which features members of BARE Magazine, is back! Let's start off the series with Julia Joung..

What’s your position/contribution to the magazine?
Production Lead for blog photo shoot Candy, and Blog reporter

What are you most excited about the new issue?
I'm most excited to celebrate the completion and hard work with the rest of the staff members at the launch party as well as show off the new issue to all of the magazine's supporters! Specifically I can't wait to see all the beautiful photo shoots of the creative team!

What are you planning on wearing to the BARE Launch Party?
I'm not too sure yet, I can never pick an outfit too long before I'm going to wear it because I always end of changing it! I have commitment issues...

Check out the Facebook event for the Launch Party!

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