Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January Playlist by Whitney Deng and Mallory Watkins

Whitney and Mallory, the pair behind Ready Two Wear

I'm pretty sure that Whitney Deng and Mallory Watkins were born with style oozing through their veins. They've mastered the art of mixing low fashion and high fashion pieces, while always staying on the pulse of what's trendy. I met the two ladies a couple years ago, before their style was as polished as it is today and when they still blogged under the name of WhitWatWear. They have since moved on to take the fashion blogging world by storm as the duo behind Ready Two Wear. Check out their blog for a strong command of color and texture as well as an almost infinite supply of statement necklaces. Let Whitney and Mallory help you ring in the new year with their January playlist.

This photo was used with Whitney and Mallory's permission and seal of approval.

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