Friday, July 26, 2013

The Bicycle Profiles: Tracy and Lady

Want to see more of Tracy and her daughter? Here ya go!

What's your name? What do you do? Where do you live?
My name is Tracy, I teach Bikram yoga and am a registered nurse. I also take care of my baby girl, Lady. We just moved to South Berkeley off of Telegraph.

Describe your relationship with your bike.
My bike(s) are family members and lifelines to the way I want to interact with the world. I've got history and stories and love with both of them.

When did you start riding?
I learned to ride as a kid, but took it up as a means of transport and recreation as an adult in 2005. I was living in Charlotte, North Carolina at the time and had a dreamy boyfriend that liked to ride. So we did. The love for bike-riding and confidence I gained learning to ride on city streets stuck, even though the relationship did not (obviously).

Why do you ride?
I ride because it's a great way to experience your community. You ride around, you see somewhere/one you want to check out, you follow your nose, you stop. I also like not having to wait on or run for the bus! And I ride so Lady and I can hang out together and have a good time.

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