Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Work It, Google: Dicky Brueckner

Dicky is wearing a Philosophy Di Alberta Ferretti coat, Blackbird Raum band tee, vintage hat, and pants and shoes from a flea market.

What's your name?
Richard Brueckner, but I prefer to go by Dicky.

Where do you live? 
I currently live in a warehouse community of performing and visual artists called the Vulcan in East Oakland.

What do you do at Google? 
Ads Quality Operations

How would you describe your style?  
My style fluctuates frequently. Generally speaking, I wear whatever the hell I feel like. Sometimes I feel like rocking bright day-glo colors, while other times - like today - I opt for foresty green and brown. I’d say I tend to oscillate between muppet punk and dapper bindlestiff, and nearly everything I wear comes from one of East Oakland’s illustrious flea markets.  

What's your typical work outfit look like?
Fairly common fare - pants I stole from my girlfriend, a comfortable quality t-shirt, a fantastic/ridiculous coat, and (most importantly) a hat with plenty of character. 

How do you upgrade a typical work outfit?
One of the many benefits of working in tech is that I am seldom obligated to “upgrade” my outfit. That being said, I’ll tend to throw on clothes made by any of my designer friends and pair it with a snug fitting leather jacket if I’m looking to appear less scruffy/poor.

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"Spotted" at Google in Mountain View.
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