Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Work It, Google: Donna

Donna is wearing a top from Thrift Town, Forever 21 pants, hand-me-down sweater, Bongo shoes, and earrings from Etsy.

What's your name? Where do you live? What do you do at Google?
My name's Donna. I'm from Santa Clara, but just moved to the Sunset District in SF. I work with Partner Ops for YouTube and Google Play.

How would you describe your style?
I'd like to call it pseudo-hipster wannabe gypsy. Just kidding...kind of. I enjoy fashion on a budget and treat thrift shop visits as treasure hunts. I'll take that 99 cent top and think, "Can I really make this work?" Yes, definitely yes.

What's your typical work outfit look like?
If I can get away with wearing pajama-esque pants at work, then it's a good day. Basically, I like to remain as comfortable as possible. Clothes that fit right, but also look right for the workplace. I'm a big denim jean hater, but jeggings, leggings, and genie pants? I'm all about that. I'm usually in dark casual cottons and though I'm not wearing it now, floral prints are my weakness.

How do you upgrade a typical work outfit?
This year I made an unofficial New Year's Resolution to wear accessories (why make a resolution that isn't fun to do?). Previously I wouldn't wear any, but my ears were pierced since I was little and look Ma, I'm putting it to good use! Usually it'll be a necklace or earrings, bracelets become annoying against your laptop while typing, remember comfort is key.

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"Spotted" at YouTube in San Bruno.
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