Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Now and Later: Kathleen Murillo

A denim fiend through and through: Kathleen as a toddler and Kathleen now, in front of Durant Hall at UC Berkeley

I'm excited to share a series that has been in the works for way too many months. I call it Now and Later. It's a look at how subjects used to dress growing up and how they dress now. I chose this name for the series as a ode to those chewy candy squares us 90's kids grew up on (or tossed out in favor of Reese's, in my case).

My first subject is no stranger to the blog. In fact, she's probably been on it more than anyone else; this is her fifth time to be exact. She deserves her own tag, alongside denim and booties. Without further ado, I'd like to introduce you to Kathleen Murillo, as a toddler and as an adult. 

What's your name? What do you do? Where do you live? (In other words, A/S/L?)

Kathleen Murillo. I work in Finance at Kaiser Permanente. I live in the East Bay.

What was your style like as a kid? How would you describe it now?

At first, I'd describe my younger style as very girly in frilly cute and pink dresses, but as I've developed my own style, I believe it really started in middle school, I developed a greater love for fashion. In middle school I was into L.E.I., Limited Too, and in high school went on to American Eagle and Hollister. It has dramatically changed now -- as soon as I figured out what Zara was, I was more in tune with the trends of every season ;). I went from girly trendy to urban boho and carefree.

Did you have any style icons growing up? How about now? 

Always my mom of course. She introduced me to thrift stores and finding unique designer pieces for amazing deals. Besides my mom, growing up I've also loved the Olsen twins -- when they were younger up until now, their style really grew with my style over the years. In particular, I've loved Mary Kate and her effortless boho style.

How has your approach to dressing changed? 

I put a lot more thought into what I wear (as a result my room looks like a tornado passed through). I wear what I'm comfortable in -- before in middle school I was self-conscious and would wear what others were wearing instead of just dressing how I felt like. Also, I am more aware of texture and color -- I try to have more fun with these aspects of fashion when styling outfits.

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