Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Work It, BARE: Kathleen

What's your position/contribution to the magazine?

I'm on the Creative and Blog teams and I do styling for the shoots. So far, I've only done one, but I'm super excited to do more next year and in the future! I was involved in the "Summer Daze" photo shoot led by Jonathan Rodriguez and Justine Carreon. And, to my surprise, I got to model too! :)

What are you most excited about the new issue?
I really want to see everyone else's hard work in their unique editorials. I'm super excited to see the rest of the Americana shoot. The cover looks amazing!

What are you planning on wearing to the BARE Launch Party?
Going to dig out from my closet a bunch of clothes, and just throw them on the day-of.. which is what I usually do. So it'll be a surprise. :)

Check out the Facebook event for the Launch Party.
Check out more photos from the Work It, BARE series.

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