Friday, February 7, 2014

Eat in Berkeley: Flacos

Taquitos and Banana Leaf Tamal 

This weekend I tried Flacos' taquitos at the Berkeley Farmers' Market for the first time. I wouldn't be exaggerating if I said that my life has changed for the better. I might as well notate life before trying Flacos as LBT (life before taquitos) and the present as LAT (life after taquitos). They're seriously that good.

Besides having an incredible flavor and perfectly fried tortilla, Flacos' taquitos are completely vegan. They're made with flavored textured soy protein and wheat gluten, wrapped in a corn tortilla, fried in canola oil, and then served with avocado salsa. The combination of the flavorful insides, the crunchy tortillas, and the creamy salsa make the taquitos very dynamic.

I tried their banana leaf tamal, which was also very good. Like everything that Flacos makes, it was vegan. It's made with a banana leaf wrapped around organic corn masa, filled with olives, capers, potatoes, textured soy protein, and wheat gluten and served with the avocado salsa. Having a couple of taquitos and a tamal sure can make you thirsty, so I ordered a delicious horchata as well. It was made with brown rice milk, cinnamon, vanilla, brown sugar, and water.

Flacos has a booth at the Berkeley Farmers' Markets on Tuesdays in South Berkeley, Thursdays in North Berkeley, and Saturdays in Downtown Berkeley. They also have their own shop on Adeline at Ashby, right across from Ashby BART, that's open Tuesday through Sunday. If you're in the mood for Mexican food, I would urge you to run, not walk to Flacos now. (Unless it's Monday since they're closed.)

3031 Adeline St., Berkeley, CA 94703
Open: Tuesday - Saturday 11:30 - 9, Sunday 12 - 6
Farmers' Market Hours: See schedule

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