Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Work It, Google: Tawnee Kendall

Tawnee is wearing a BCBG dress, Zara jacket, Steve Madden boots, and American Apparel tights. 

Her gold bracelet and spiky ring are from Harajuku in Tokyo, her necklace is from a Abbot Kinney boutique in Venice in Los Angeles, and her rectangular ring was her great-grandmother's from the 1920's. She's also wearing a black Fitbit activity and sleep tracker.

What's your name? 
Tawnee Kendall

Where do you live? 
San Francisco, near Alamo Square.

What do you do at Google?
I design what our Customer Support experience looks like. (Think Call Centers & Tech Support)

How would you describe your style?
In a word, thematic. I don't consider myself to have any one particular style. I love vintage pin-up, leather, bohemian flowy dresses, military garb, Harajuku style outfits. I think the one I gravitate most to is anything that constitutes bad-assery. Think: what a super hero might wear when she's not fighting villains. Or maybe, I am the villain, and I'm fighting off good guys.

What's your typical work outfit look like?
Whatever it is, it's rarely ever pants. Wearing jeans provides a shock to my team. I'll hear "You're wearing pants! Who are you?" throughout the day. I'm typically in short dresses or crazy Black Milk leggings.

How do you upgrade a typical work outfit?
High heels. Always high heels. The higher the better. If they come with buckles, spikes, or any kind of metal, I'm sold.

Want to see more photos of Tawnee? The answer is yessir!

You can follow Tawnee on Twitter and her band, The Handover Brigade, on YouTube.

"Spotted" at Google in Mountain View.
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