Friday, March 7, 2014

Eat in San Francisco: b. patisserie

Chocolate Banana Almond Croissant

After having brunch with an old friend at Nopa in Alamo Square, I was urged to try the Chocolate Banana Almond Croissant at b. patisserie on California and Divisadero in Lower Pacific Heights. As you can tell from these mouth-watering photos, this croissant was worthy of the hype and then some.

To imagine what this tastes like, picture a buttery, flaky croissant with chocolate baked at its center and then topped with some kind of batter, sliced almonds, and powdered sugar. It's pretty much heaven on earth.

If you're looking to try a different treat, they also serve a variety of tarts, breads, and assorted pastries, as well as coffee, salads, and sandwiches for the lunch crowd. While it seems to be busy on the weekends, it's also a great place to take a moment to enjoy the delicious, handcrafted pastry in front of you.

If you've visited b. patisseries before, what would you recommend trying?

b. patisserie
2821 California St., San Francisco, CA 94115
Open: Tuesday - Sunday 8 - 6

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