Monday, March 10, 2014

Eat in Berkeley: The Sunny Side Café

The Alameda: Mushrooms, hickory smoked ham, roasted tomatoes, and Swiss cheese between two pieces of savory French toast, topped with two eggs over-easy, Hollandaise sauce, and a balsamic reduction

Scram N Ham: Two eggs scrambled with hickory smoked ham and green onions, served with toast and black beans

Hot chocolate

The Sunny Side Café is another one of those brunch spots I heard about, but never managed to visit in college. I finally stopped by their Berkeley location on Oxford near Center this past weekend.

Being on a bit of a French toast kick, I ordered The Alameda. It features two pieces of savory French toast with tomatoes, mushrooms, ham, and cheese in the middle. It is then topped off with two eggs over-easy and Hollandaise sauce. There's also a bit of a balsamic reduction around the edges for dipping. In short, it's brunch perfection. I know I've used the word "perfection" quite frequently on this blog, but hear me out. This is one of those dishes that stranger patrons ask you about. It's very photogenic and a completely satisfying meal. 

The savory French toast was just that: the ideal foundation for the hearty ham and balsamic flavors within. It was not sweet like traditional French toast. The ham was very tasty on its own, while the balsamic reduction magnified its dynamic flavor in the best way. With a couple of impeccably cooked eggs on top, this was a meal made in brunch heaven.

Combine the great food with a great location across from the university, it is little wonder why The Sunny Side Café has been a hit in both Berkeley and Albany for over a decade. Did I mention there was no wait?

The Sunny Side Café
2136 Oxford St., Berkeley, CA 94704
Open: Monday - Friday 8 - 3, Saturday - Sunday 8:30 - 3

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