Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Coffee in San Francisco: Trouble Coffee Company


Cinnamon Toast

After hearing about San Francisco's obsession with $4 toast for almost a year and seeing this Instagram photo taken by a former co-worker of mine, I knew I had to finally try the cinnamon toast at Trouble Coffee for myself. (It's also listed as #3 on 7x7's The Big Eat 2014.)

When I visited their newer location in Bayview a few weeks ago, I ordered the cinnamon toast with a latte. The latte was delicious and complemented the main event well. The toast was everything I dreamed and more. After making the latte, the barista cut a thick slice of bread, lightly toasted it, spread a generous amount of butter, and then completely covered the toast with cinnamon sugar. I'm pretty sure it was magic. The way the butter seeped through the layer of cinnamon goodness made me consider each bite thoroughly and wonder how toast could be so amazing.

The one and only downside to Trouble Coffee is that both locations are hard to get to if you're coming from the East Bay and depend on public transportation. I'd recommend offering to treat a friend to some damn good toast in exchange for a lift to either spot in Bayview or the Outer Sunset.

Given the fact that images of cinnamon toast have flashed through my mind randomly since visiting, I will eagerly make a return soon. If you're still in the mood for fancy toast, I've heard that The Mill's, the one that started it all, is worth a try.

Craving more photos from Trouble Coffee? Yes, you are.

Trouble Coffee Company
Website | Yelp
1730 Yosemite Ave., San Francisco, CA 94124
Open: Daily 7 - 7

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