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Work It, Bloggers: Lindsay of Growing East

Lindsay is wearing a dress from Oak Common, H&M kimono, sunglasses from Urban Outfitters, Jeffrey Campbell boots, Forever 21 socks, and an Oaklandish backpack.

What’s your name? 
Lindsay Arakawa

Where do you live? 
Oakland, CA

What do you do? 
Social Media Strategist at Heat

How would you describe your blog? 
I first used it as a way to document my move to Oakland, but it has now turned into a way for me to connect with business owners, artists, book publishers, etc. who are doing cool things in Oakland.

What kinds of things would readers expect to see? 
A bunch of stuff I'm able to do on weekends, which isn't very exciting haha. I did just go to a trip to the UK and am uploading photos from to trip to Growing East – that might help to up my cool factor.

How did you get into blogging? 
It's always something I wanted to give a go, and when I moved to Oakland I probably only had 4 friends total who live in the East Bay a.k.a. lots of free (me) time.

What do you like the most about blogging? 
I think just having it be a way to connect with other people in Oakland.

What have you learned from blogging? 
It's a lot of hard work. It's another job on top of your other job. Just jobs on jobs.

How would you describe your style? 
My fashion style? Uhm. If I try to look cute then I'll usually mix patterns and go really bold with it. If I'm just feeling super lazy, then a pair of black skinny jeans, loose t, and fun ankle boots is usually the route I go.

How has growing up in O'ahu, and living in San Francisco and later Oakland influenced your style? 
I want to say that when I lived in Hawai'i, my style was always a little different from my friends'. I would wear my grandma's old earrings, and remember I once got called out for wearing high-waisted pants back in 2007. I also wore shoes most days, which is kind of weird when the rest of your friends wear sandals and slippers (flip flops). When I moved to SF I feel like being in college and not really knowing what I was supposed to do with my life, I started to dress in really boring clothes, but I did develop a love for ankle boots that I'll never break up with. Once I graduated, I feel like I came into my own again and now my hair is blue, I wear patterns that clash, and love a good chunky heel. Basically my style is all over the place.

What are some of your favorite things about living in Oakland? 
The people, hands down. And the weather is great. Oh, and the food.

What are some of your favorite restaurants and places to visit in the East Bay? 
Hmmmmm, a place that has become a go-to whenever someone comes to visit is Boot & Shoe Service. Everything from the drinks to the dessert is fantastic. I still need to do a good amount of adventuring in the East Bay.

I really enjoy your Bay Area Movers, Shakers, and Makers series, where you’ve interviewed local artists, writers, bakers, and more. Who would you like to interview if you had the chance? 
Oh wow. If we're sticking with East Bay folk, I'd love to interview Lisa Congdon. I really appreciate her work and just love colors as much as (I think) she does. If we're talking about famous people, I would want to talk to someone who is so wise and full of knowledge to help me out with my life – Amy Poehler? Yes.

One of the sections on your blog is dedicated to DIY. What are some projects on your radar? 
To be honest, I don't know. I think the DIY portion of my blog is on pause. I realized I just enjoy doing the projects, but not really talking about it. I don't want to be known as a DIY expert, but more of a DIY do-er. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy arts & crafts and I just started a Wine + Paint series with my friends where I have them over for wine and pizza to paint a hot dude. Last month's dude was Ryan Gosling and we all voted on Facebook to choose which character of his we wanted to paint. We ended up going with Drive.

What do you do when you’re not blogging? 
I currently have the travel bug, so I'm already starting to plan out my next trip. Besides that I also love to go to farmers' markets, craft fairs, museums, thrifting, basically anything where I'm surrounded by lots of stuff that I can either get inspired by or buy.

What can we expect to see from you in the future? 
More crazy color hair tips (I'm thinking orange next).

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