Thursday, August 15, 2019

Eat in San Francisco: Plentea

Thai Tea and Taro tea with creama

Last week I finally saw Moving In Place, a documentary by Lyka Sethi and Geoffrey Iwata about young Puerto Ricans trying to navigate life on and off the island. After the screening, my friend and I caught up over milk tea at Plentea, a boba spot on Kearny and Pine in the Financial District.

I ordered a Thai tea, while my friend had a taro tea with creama. Plentea is known for using glass bottles that you can return for a discounted drink. My tea was not bad; I wish the tea wasn't already mixed so I could have seen the swirls of orange and white because #aesthetics. 

The next time I visit I'll probably try a classic black milk tea or the Sea Salt Creama Coffee. If you've visited Plentea recently, what do you recommend trying?

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