Monday, December 6, 2010

FAST's Fall 2010 Fashion Show

As mentioned on Twitter, last night I attended the fall runway show hosted by Fashion and Student Trends (FAST), UC Berkeley's student-run fashion organization. Like last semester's show, it featured the amazing designs of eighteen students worn by dozens of models. Here are some photos I took while covering the event.

Before the Show / Backstage

The Runway Show
Designer: Miles Mathews

Designer: Sherrie, Models: Paige Dunn-Rankin (center), Emily Rossi (right)

Designer: Nikki Dance

Designer: Jenna Kim

Designer: Gina Su

Designer: Grace Colletta

Designer: Jennifer Huang

Designer: Christine Fukushima, Models: Deanna Wagner (right)

Designer: Jennifer Kung

Designer: Patrick Xu

Designer: Kacey Anderson

Designer: John Kim

Designer: Tuyen Nguyen

Designers: Rachel and Stephanie, Models: Nic Blair (center)

Designer: Maya Menon

Designer: Kirstyn Hom

Designer: Victoria Lim

Designer: Jaymie Ngov, Models: Adrienne Chiu (center)
Models: Emily Rossi (left)

Guests / After the Show

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