Monday, November 15, 2010

Work It, FAST: Kacey Anderson

As promised on Twitter and Facebook, I have started a new blog series! Like the series I did previously with members of BARE Magazine, Work It, FAST highlights the personal styles of the people behind Fashion and Student Trends (FAST), UC Berkeley's entirely student-run fashion organization. FAST puts on a spectacular fashion show at the end of each semester with designs made and modeled by students. This semester's show is titled Conquer: Live in Style, Not Fear. Expect to see at least seven more posts in the series in the next few weeks.

What's your position/contribution to FAST (designer, model, PR, show committee, etc)?

What are you most excited about the runway show?
I am so excited to see all of the designers' pieces. We have all come up with extremely different and rare fears to inspire our collections. I think that they will really translate well into fashion and look amazing on the runway!

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