Thursday, July 29, 2010

Work It, Bloggers: Jennie of Going West

After realizing how much fun I had doing the Work It, BARE series for BARE Magazine in early May, I thought it would be a great idea to do a series featuring fashion bloggers from the Bay Area. After all, these ladies (and gent) are some of the most stylish people you'll find on the internet. So, I'd like to present you all with a brand-spankin'-new series: Work It, Bloggers.

The first blogger featured is Iowa-native-turned-San Franciscan, Jennie of Going West. Her blog features 60's and 70's throwback looks as well as several varieties of chain accessories. Like her diverse style, what I really enjoy about her blog is that she shoots in tons of different locations -- at a train station, in the Mission, under bridges -- you name it, she's been there. After giving me some great pointers (thank you so much, Jennie!), here are the photos I took at our mini photo shoot.

Stay tuned for more Bay Area bloggers! Up next: Nick of Sound and the City.

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