Monday, August 15, 2011

The Plaid Project: Corey

Where do you get plaid from?
I usually pick it up at Urban Outfitters, thrift shops, and occasionally the Gap (yes, I do go to the Gap...).

What's it made of?
It's made of whatever plaid's made of, cotton? I don't know.

Why do you wear plaid?
I like plaid for when I'm out studying all day then going out with friends or on a date: it can look good almost everywhere. And the right color and pattern can make anyone look really good or really trendy. I also secretly love the lesbian plaid, and have lots of lesbian friends who sport it and work it. It's casual, fun, and fits everywhere!

Want to see more of Corey? Check out some outtakes from the shoot.
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P.S. This is the 500th post on the blog -- yee!

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