Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Bicycle Profiles: Madison

What's your name, occupation, and place of residence?
Madison, student, Berkeley.

Describe your relationship with your bike.
My bike is a short, pink mountain bike adorned with BSC stickers. I named her Annie because she's adopted (from Craig's List for 90 bucks) and I did a lot to fix her up - new wheels, greased chains, etc. In May, Annie got hit by a truck (not me, though... I fell off) and her front wheel was almost bent in half. She was out of commission until I had time after finals to fix her up at Mike's Bikes.

Sometimes I hate my bike because it's so short and even going down hills my stout little wheels go more slowly than everyone else's and sometimes, while going up hills, which is inherently harder (especially on Annie), is exacerbated when the chains get stuck. However, my bike serves its purpose and for that I really appreciate and love it. It's a love/hate relationship. It's also really heavy and annoying to lift up stairs to lock it up. Lastly, because it's not the best bike by any means, I'm not too worried about it when I leave it locked up somewhere. 

When did you start riding?
I learned how to ride a two-wheeler bike when I was six, but wasn't into riding until college and found out about Critical Mass.

Why do you ride?
I like going fast and getting stuff done in less time. My bike is more practical than recreational, but when I'm home, I like to ride at the beach, or like I said before, Critical Mass (Crank Mob, FMLY Ride, etc.)

Where does it take you?
Around Berkeley. 

Where do you want to go?
I just want to explore and not care about where I'm going and really just ride meditatively for the sake of riding.

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