Monday, May 21, 2012

The Bicycle Profiles: Tami

Remember that series I started in Berkeley back in October featuring stylish cyclists? Well, it's back... and just in time for National Bike Month! In the next few weeks, I hope to share a few cyclists from Los Angeles with you lovely readers. (Yes, people actually do ride bikes in the car mecca that is L.A.) Use this series as an inspiration to start riding a bike for everyday use and as a guide to bike-friendly dressing. Without further ado, let's continue the series with Tami.

What’s your name, occupation, and place of residence?
Tami, web product manager, Santa Monica

Describe your relationship with your bike. 
I love my Silver Fox, as I call her. We share a need for speed. I love riding around Santa Monica on our 30+ miles of bike lanes and the beach path to the South Bay.

When did you start riding? 
When I was a kid, but I bought my first bike as an adult five years ago when I moved to Santa Monica to enjoy the city better.

Why do you ride? 
To get exercise and spend time with friends outdoors. I also love beating the traffic with my man-powered vehicle.

These photos were taken at Roxbury Park in Beverly Hills.

Live in Los Angeles and want to be a part of the series? Let's make it happen.
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