Monday, April 1, 2013

April Playlist by Vanessa Vazquez

Vanessa Vazquez (right), with her partner-in-crime Angie, of Those Pore Girls

There's a new beauty queen on the block and her name is Vanessa Vazquez. She's one half of the blogging duo behind Those Pore Girls, which chronicles Vanessa and Angie's (mis)adventures in finding makeup that matches their skin tone. Although I know next to nothing about beauty myself―beyond thick brows = god―I do know that TPG is one blog to watch. They bring their feminist-meets-girly girl outlook as they gauge where "Latina" fits in the whitewashed world of beauty. I'm excited to share Vanessa's April playlist of lady jams, featuring the likes of Bey, Macy Gray, and more.

This adorable photo was used with Vanessa's permission and seal of approval.

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