Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Coffee in Los Angeles: Alfred Coffee & Kitchen


Alfred Coffee & Kitchen is the most LA coffee shop I've visited so far. Tucked away on Melrose Place, Alfred serves Stumptown Coffee and sandwiches, salads, and pastries from Farm Shop. Based on my first visit alone, it seems like their clientele is made up of mostly models and (working) actors. (Read: I'm not in Berkeley anymore.)

I tried the cappuccino, which was very good. I've never had Stumptown's coffee before, but now it's definitely on my repeat list. The cappuccino was larger than what I'm used to, was prepared perfectly, and had tons of foam. Their employees are very nice and their baristas talented. The next time I stop by, I'll try an espresso in one of their signature chocolate dipped cones. (You read that right.)

If you've visited Alfred, what did you try?

Looking for more photos from Alfred Coffee & Kitchen? Let's go.

Alfred Coffee & Kitchen
8428 Melrose Place A., Los Angeles, CA 90069
Open: Monday - Saturday 7 - 7, Sunday 8 - 4

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