Friday, September 5, 2014

Eat in Los Angeles: The Pie Hole

Earl Grey Tea pie

Mexican Chocolate pie


Although I've known about The Pie Hole for a couple years, I finally visited their Arts District location last week. Located on Traction Avenue on the eastern side of Downtown Los Angeles, this pie shop serves an impressive selection of pies in sweet and savory flavors as well as any type of coffee you desire.

When I stopped by with my mom, we ordered a slice of the Earl Grey Tea and the Mexican Chocolate pies. I also got a cappuccino and she a drip coffee. The pies were fantastic. The Earl Grey Tea had that delicate earl grey flavor that I love, a flaky pastry crust, a thin layer of chocolate in between, and was topped with pistachios. The Mexican Chocolate pie was made with a thick chocolate filling, a crumbly graham cracker crust, and a healthy portion of whipped cream. These pies were nothing like I've had before and completely satisfied my craving for pie, which has lasted for what's felt like years. This is one of those places where you know the food is made carefully and with a lot of love.

To top it off, they serve some great coffee, too. I've heard from several people that the coffee is a must-try, and even the main event if you're not in the mood for dessert. My cappuccino was huge and prepared perfectly. My mom also enjoyed her organic drip coffee.

The next time I visit, I'll try a Chicken and Cornbread Pot Pie or a Mac and Cheese Hand Pie. You can learn more about The Pie Hole by watching this video by The Bold Italic.

Looking for more photos from The Pie Hole? Here you are.

The Pie Hole
714 Traction Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90013
Open: Monday - Thursday 7am - 10pm, Friday 7am - 11pm, Saturday 8am - 11pm, Sunday 8am - 10pm

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