Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Eat in Los Angeles: Sqirl

Burnt Brioche Toast with house ricotta and seasonal jam

Open Face Brioche Toast with kale, tomatillo puree, lacto fermented hot sauce, and a fried egg, with a side of Olli’s prosciutto

Sorrel Pesto Rice Bowl with Kokohu Rose brown rice, sorrel pesto, preserved Meyer lemon, lacto fermented hot sauce, black radish, French sheep feta, and a poached egg, with a side of housemade sausage

Last weekend, I had brunch at Sqirl with my pal Jing, longtime friend and local brunch fiend. Founded on layers and layers of burnt brioche toast and coffee, this East Hollywood eatery serves a mean brunch at pretty good prices on Virgil near Melrose.

Although we waited in line to order at the counter for about twenty minutes, we were served at our table not long after. I had the Open Face Brioche Toast with kale, tomatillo puree, lacto fermented hot sauce, and a fried egg, along with a side of prosciutto. I've never had brioche before (foodie fail) and I now I know what all the hype is about. The brioche was sweet, yet not overtly so, making it perfect for this savory dish. All of the flavors from the other ingredients complemented each other perfectly. They also gave me the largest heap of prosciutto I've ever seen.

I also tried a bit of Jing's dishes. The Burnt Brioche Toast is a staple for Sqirl customers. It starts with a thick piece of brioche, toasted perfectly, smothered in a layer of house ricotta, and then topped with their own seasonal jam. This combination of flavors was new, dynamic, and wonderful. It might be a bit heavy for one person, making it great to split with a friend. The Sorrel Pesto Rice Bowl was also very good. It was a lighter comfort food that leaves you with a clean palatte. I would highly recommend ordering the sausage on the side, which was tasty in its own right.

I would revisit Sqirl in a heartbeat. Next time, I might order a coffee to accompany my meal and any of their other brunch options I'm pretty sure I'll love.

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720 N. Virgil Ave. #4, Los Angeles CA 90029
Open: Monday - Friday 6:30 - 4, Saturday - Sunday 8 - 4

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