Monday, January 26, 2015

Eat in Berkeley: La Mediterranee

Lox Levant

Egg Fillos and Grecian Spinach Fillos

Steamed Eggs

Mushroom Quiche


Fresh Fruit

This weekend, I had a lovely brunch with Kim of Kim's Kitchen Sink at La Mediterranee. Located on College Avenue in Berkeley, this restaurant is a must-visit in Elmwood.

New to their brunch scene, we both tried the Brunch Meza that came with an assortment of items from the brunch menu. It included lox levant, Grecian spinach and egg fillos, steamed eggs, mushroom quiche, mamounia, and fresh fruit. Everything was fresh and delicious. The lox levant filled our craving for smoked salmon, while the mushroom quiche reminded us what a flavorful quiche should taste like. The steamed eggs fulfilled their role as a brunch staple, while the mamounia introduced us to a comfort food we've been living without for too long. Although they were out of Lebanese foule, we happily tried another helping of mamounia instead. Since I was absolutely stuffed after a few items, I had the egg and spinach fillos later in the day. They were worth the wait.

The next time I visit La Mediterranee‒and there will be a next time‒I'll probably order the Brunch Meza again. It really is that good.

La Mediterranee
Website | Facebook | Yelp
2936 College Ave., Berkeley, CA 94705
Open: Monday - Thursday 10am - 10pm, Friday - Saturday 10am - 11pm, Sunday 10am - 9:30pm

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