Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Feet that Started the Tweet: Twitter's Evan Williams

Oh, man, do I have some posts for you! Today, I was fortunate enough to attend Y-Combinator'sStartup School in UC Berkeley's massive 800+ person Wheeler auditorium. Although marketed towards "hacker" types, I came as a blogger and aspiring entrepreneur. Some of the headliners that came to talk included Twitter's Evan Williams and Biz Stone, Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, and Zappos' Tony Hsieh.

I bring this up because I was able to photograph the men behind Twitter. Let me tell you: Evan Williams (pictured here) is quite a character. When I asked to take a picture of his shirt and shoes, he humorously pointed out that his belt, jeans, and maybe even his watch should be photographed, too.

He is wearing a clever hashtag t-shirt (or, rather, #shirt) with a pair of straight-legged jeans. His shoes have multi-colored stripes leading to the metal grommets and a swirling pattern on the toe caps. I apologize for the blurry photograph; I was clearly too star-struck to keep a steady hand.

If you're interested in reading about or watching the Twitter founders on stage, check out the live blog post on Digital Beat. There, you can also get a better view of Evan's shirt.
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