Thursday, April 28, 2011

Work It, BARE: Stephen

What's your position/contribution to the magazine?
Photographer for the Cover, Americana and accessories photoshoots. Assisted with the 70's photoshoot. Photographed a few article pictures including that of Professor Grigsby and several local businesses.

What are you most excited about the new issue?
Being a photographer, I'm pretty biased and would have to say I'm looking forward to seeing the spreads. I've heard that BARE has produced many photoshoots this semester and am eager to see the final products. BARE has definitely evolved every semester and I can't wait to see how awesome issue 9 will be!

What are you planning on wearing to the BARE Launch Party?
I'll be pretty honest; I'm not a fashionista by any means, at least compared to many of the talented people in BARE. So I'm gonna have to consult with a few friends or stylists prior to the launch.

Check out the Facebook event for the Launch Party.
Check out more photos from the Work It, BARE series.

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