Saturday, April 27, 2013

Eat in San Francisco: Flour + Water

Complimentary bread and olive oil 

Butter lettuce salad with blue cheese, beets, and smoked walnuts

Mixed roast of pork with crispy potato, artichoke, fennel, and olive

Carrot tortelli with aleppo pepper, hazelnuts, and mint

Chocolate budino with espresso cream and sea salt

Macchiato with brown sugar

After reserving a table for two at Flour + Water in February, I was finally able to see what all the fuss surrounding this Mission hot spot was about this past week. With my new macro lens attached to my trusty DSLR and my 5 pm hunger pains a-churnin', I was ready to get my pasta on at this Italian eatery. I started off my meal with a couple pieces of complimentary bread and the butter lettuce salad. With my appetite whetted, I moved on to my main course of carrot tortelli as well as a taste of the pork. I finished with a splash: the chocolate budino with a generous sprinkling of sea salt and a sip of macchiato.

The verdict? Although every dish was rather delicious, they were quite small for their relatively large price tags. The plate whose size was least proportional to its cost was ironically the main course, my stuffed pasta. When the waitress brought it out, it was hard for me to disguise the disappointment in my face upon seeing that this $17 dish was made up of what appeared to be only seven pieces of ravioli folded in half. Sure, it was good, but not packed with as much flavor as anticipated. Fortunately, I curbed my hunger once and for all with a good helping of the chocolate budino, which was certainly bigger than my pasta dish.

Apart from the two-month wait time, high prices, and small portions, there's still a silver lining. Now I know to be more skeptical of Yelp reviews, which directed me towards the pasta instead of the pizza that is equally delicious and multitudes larger. Two old truths were also bolstered: don't be afraid to stuff yourself with bread and don't trust the hype. Or... why not just grab a burrito at El Farolito on Mission and 24th instead?

Flour + Water
Website | Facebook | TwitterYelp
2401 Harrison St., San Francisco, CA 94110
Open: Sunday - Thursday 5:30 - 11, Friday - Saturday 5:30 - midnight

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