Friday, May 3, 2013

May Playlist by Sherrie Hang

The lady with the pixie, Ms. Sherrie Hang

I've been smitten with Sherrie Hang's style since I first photographed her in 2010. This was back when she was still an undergrad balancing her time between studying and designing killer looks for FAST. Now, you'd see her stomping around New York (New Yorkers always stomp... right?), wearing studded collars and tweeting about so-and-so's baby's new haircut. She graciously lent me some of her creative juices to create this 22-track playlist with artists that range from New York's own Azealia Banks to everyone's favorite ex-ramen-head, Justin Timberlake. So, pull up your favorite gossip rag, maybe get some ramen now that I mentioned it, and let this mix ease you into the new month. Live long and prosper...? \\//

This photo was used with Sherrie's permission and seal of approval. Amen!

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