Monday, June 3, 2013

June Playlist by Bethann Wagner

The style blogger to look out for, Bethann Wagner

I'm about 99.8% sure that Bethann Wagner was meant to be a style blogger.

Indication #1: The title of her blog is Beth Animal Print. As everyone who has ever picked up a fashion rag or browsed a style blog knows, being punny is essential. I'm not sure if it's because fashion can be so ~serious or because this is where bad puns come to die. (Or are they good puns? One can never be sure.)

Indication #2: Her style is flawless and her baby is even cuter. How many style bloggers do you know who have kids and haven't crossed over into mommy blogger territory? Exactly.

Indication #3: She's got girl power and some of the coolest lady friends around. In her Wonder Women Wednesday series (10 points for alliteration), she interviews inspiring women that she knows in fashion, beauty, and then some. She delves into issues beyond their favorite labels into topics like maintaining work-life balance, interior design, and life with kids.

Indication #4: Her wardrobe is dynamic, yet accessible. I don't know how many bloggers show off their Chanel such-and-such expecting us lowly readers to drool uncontrollably. As a lady of pragmatism and limited funds, I can appreciate looking good for less. (Side note: Thrift stores beat fast fashion any day.)

With very little warning on my part, Bethann graciously agreed to create a 13-track playlist for you lovely readers. Let the likes of Florence + The Machine, Ms. Britney Spears, and Phoenix dissipate any lingering Monday blues.

This photo was used with Bethann's permission and seal of approval. 

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