Thursday, September 19, 2013

Eat in San Francisco: Boba Guys

Jasmine Milk Tea

I kind of have a thing for milk tea. I have an even bigger thing for Boba Guys. I've been a big fan of theirs ever since reading about them on GOOD. When they were handing out full-size samples at my work last year, that sealed the deal. Since then, I've tried their teas on a monthly basis at my current job and the love affair has only grown stronger. I even make it a point to tweet about my drink before, during, and after consuming it because hello social media

Today, I finally visited their store on 19th and Valencia in the Mission. While I wasn't received with open arms from complete strangers like I daydreamed and I didn't have a half-hour long conversation with the owners about how the Jasmine Milk Tea is life-altering, I left with a damn fine beverage, which is A-OK by me. 

I've tried a few flavors of their milk tea, most notably the Classic Milk Tea and the Jasmine Milk Tea with and without boba. Their tea tastes very creamy and high-quality, while the boba is just the right amount of chewy. You can tell they've put their hearts into working out all the kinks to make the best tea they can. And they have. My current favorite is the Jasmine. What I really like about this tea is its very subtle, flowery aftertaste that almost makes the tea seem like a dream.

The only downside to Boba Guys is that when you order it without boba and use a wide straw, it's gone before you know it. Sadface.

Because apparently I like to end my restaurant reviews with hashtags... #BobaAllNight

Boba Guys
WebsiteFacebook | TwitterYelp
3491 19th St., San Francisco, CA 94110
Open: Tuesday - Thursday 12 - 9, Friday - Saturday 12 - 10, Sunday 12 - 5

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