Thursday, February 13, 2014

Work It, Google: Rachel Lightfoot Melby

Rachel is wearing a vintage Indian tunic from Mercy Vintage, vintage boots from the Alameda Point Antiques Faire, thrifted earrings, rings from the Melrose Trading Post, and Todd Reed wedding band.

What's your name? 
Rachel Lightfoot Melby

Where do you live? 
North Oakland

What do you do at Google?
I'm a Senior Programming Strategist within YouTube's Next Lab. In short, I figure out what's working well for the top channels on YouTube, and help others achieve that success.

How would you describe your style?
Bold bohemian. I love to be comfortable, opting for wedges, skirts, and natural fabrics. I love shopping vintage (check out my new fav) and even find some of my best pieces at thrift shops and fleas. If I have a big meeting or presentation at work I try to confine my outfit to a more structured yet feminine silhouette. 

What's your typical work outfit look like?
A bold a-line skirt with a solid color top to to tone it down, or vice versa. I buy a lot of basics from Anthropolgie and mix and match with my zanier pieces. 

How do you upgrade a typical work outfit?
Color. Adding a bright color to anything shows confidence. If I'm feeling blah I'll put on something bright and bask in the extra attention. Before you know it I feel just as energetic as my favorite Peruvian pom-pom boots.

Want to see more photos of Rachel? Yes, ma'am!

"Spotted" at YouTube in San Bruno.
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