Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Eat in Oakland: Café Colucci

Veggie Combo (azifa, buticha, messer wot, kik-alicha, gomen, and atakilt) and Doro Tibs (marinated chicken sauteed with onions, jalapeno, garlic, and tomato), served with injera flatbread

This weekend, I enjoyed a delicious Ethiopian lunch with a couple of my favorite people. Over the years, I've visited a few Ethiopian restaurants in Berkeley and Los Angeles, and I believe I've found my new spot in Oakland. Café Colucci has a wonderful outdoor seating area with the right amount of sunlight and privacy to accompany an amazing meal.

We ordered the Veggie Combo and the Doro Tibs. The veggies were just as good as I remembered them at similar eateries, but even more so. They were quite fresh and flavorful. The chicken was perfectly seasoned and tender. We scooped up the delicious vegetables and chicken with the spongy injera flatbread that had a subtle flavor of its own. We ordered two dishes for the three of us, and still ended up with a bit extra.

It was a wonderful way to share a Saturday lunch with good friends. They also serve dinner, which I'm sure is just as delightful.

Café Colucci
6427 Telegraph Ave., Oakland, CA 94609
Open: Daily 8am - 10pm

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