Sunday, May 18, 2014

Eat in Berkeley: KoJa Kitchen

Kamikaze Fries made with crisscut fries, minced Korean BBQ beef, sautéed onions, kimchee, green onions, red sauce, and Japanese mayo

Beef KoJa made with Korean BBQ beef, sautéed onions, sesame vinaigrette lettuce, and red sauce, served in toasted handmade garlic rice buns

I finally tried KoJa Kitchen this weekend and I can confirm that it's popular for good reason. The Korean and Japanese fusion restaurant started out as a food truck and has since expanded to a permanent shop on Telegraph and Channing near UC Berkeley.

I tried two of their popular dishes: the Kamikaze Fries and the Beef KoJa. The crisscut fries were topped with their delicious Korean barbecue beef, two types of onions, kimchee, red sauce, and Japanese mayo. In short, they were kind of amazing.

The Beef KoJa was the main event. It's basically a burger made with spicy Korean barbecue beef, sautéed onions, sesame vinaigrette lettuce, and red sauce, sandwiched in between two garlic rice buns. Although it's hard to eat because the pieces of beef are longer than my bites are big and it's spicier than I'm used to, dagnabbit it is tasty. Just get extra napkins and maybe even a fork to pick up the beef that falls out.

You can find their trucks throughout the Bay Area or just up the way on Telegraph Avenue. Be warned that they have long lines.

KoJa Kitchen
2395 Telegraph Ave., Berkeley, CA 94704
Open: Daily 11am - 9pm

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