Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Eat in Berkeley: La Note (Pt. 2)

Cote Ouest: three-egg omelette with ratatouille, served with home fries

Salade Nicoise with shredded Albacore tuna, marinated beets, corn, potatoes, carrots, Nicoise olives, hard-boiled eggs, anchovies, tossed greens, and the house Dijon vinaigrette

This is a first for the blog: I'm writing about a restaurant I've shared previously. Yup, it's one of my favorite places in Berkeley, La Note.

I've decided to make a separate post about this visit, instead of adding to the original, for a few reasons. Last time I visited the Provencal French eatery for dinner; I stopped by this past Friday for breakfast / lunch. (I had lunch, while my blogging buddy Anisa of Young and Seamless had breakfast.) I also think that the photos deserved their own spotlight. Plus, it's French food. Who doesn't want to see pictures of delicious French food all the time, especially from La Note?

This time, we sat in their outside patio area in back of the restaurant. I actually did not know this area existed before this visit. They have a great open-air space with umbrellas and tables over a blue-painted, wooden deck. The table settings are equally picturesque, as you can tell from the lively, yellow-patterned tablecloth, personal water pitchers, and use of doilies for the sake of doilies.

Although I never order salad as an entree, I decided to try the only salad ever worth ordering, the Salade Nicoise. I love this salad, and La Note's in particular, because it includes so much non-lettuce stuff like potatoes, carrots, corn, tuna, anchovies, hard-boiled eggs, olives, and beets. Like every other course I've had at La Note, it was perfect. I ordered the small, which was rather large. 

Now that I've done lunch and dinner, brunch is my next target. La Note, à bientôt...

La Note
2377 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley, CA 94704
Open: Monday - Friday 8 - 2:30, Saturday - Sunday 8 - 3, Thursday - Saturday 6 - 10

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