Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Coffee in Oakland: Subrosa Coffee


Subrosa Coffee is a tiny coffee shop on 40th between Webster and Shafter in the Temescal District of North Oakland. Located on the same block as Homeroom, everyone's favorite mac 'n' cheese restaurant, this hole-in-the-wall serves delicious Four Barrel Coffee any coffee fiend would love. I ordered a latte, which was as good as you can imagine.

Similar to Four Barrel's cafe in the Mission, they have a lovely parklet out front with space for people and bike parking alike. Here's a video that provides a peak into what Subrosa is like. Longtime readers will remember that Subrosa was where I shot Jerry Lin-Hsien Kung, an Oakland-based glass artist and fabricator, for an interview about his work.

Want to see more photos from Subrosa Coffee? They're all yours.

Subrosa Coffee
Website | Facebook | Instagram | Yelp
419 40th St., Oakland, CA 94609
Open: Monday - Thursday 7 - 5, Friday 7 - 6, Saturday 7:30 - 6, Sunday 8 - 5

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