Monday, August 20, 2018

Eat in Oakland: Ramen Shop (Pt. 2)

Filipino Breakfast with two fried eggs, longanisa sausage, garlic fried rice, spicy dill pickle, and cilantro

Hokkaido Milk Bread French Toast with seasonal fruit and maple syrup

Left: Tempura-Fried Maitake Mushroom Donburi with brown rice, poached egg, avocado, cherry tomatoes, pickled gypsy peppers, and scallions
Right: Assorted Pastry Plate with snickerdoodle and sesame mochi muffins, and matcha bear claw


Apparently I haven't visited (or, at least, reviewed) Ramen Shop, everyone's favorite hipster ramen spot in Rockridge, in four years. The last time I stopped by I had an incredible bowl of Garlic Miso Ramen and was happily mistaken for a member of the food press. (Talk about #goals.) Since then, they've cemented their place in the neighborhood and even expanded their menu to include a fantastic brunch.

When visiting for brunch this past weekend, my friend and I tried an incredible range of dishes. I started with a perfectly made cappuccino, served on sleek slab of wood. My friend and I were then treated to the Assorted Pastry Plate featuring snickerdoodle and sesame mochi muffins, and a matcha bear claw. I've never had a mochi muffin before, but this will definitely not be my last time. They have a spongy texture on the inside and were sprinkled with either sesame seeds or a cinnamon-sugar mixture, creating two flavor profiles I liked. The bear claw had a nice matcha flavored icing and almond slices as well as an almond-y taste within. We were then treated to the Hokkaido Milk Bread French Toast with seasonal fruit and maple syrup. The French toast had a great taste and texture, and the fruit was perfectly ripe.

As for our main entrĂ©es, my friend enjoyed his Tempura-Fried Maitake Mushroom Donburi made with brown rice, poached egg, avocado, cherry tomatoes, pickled gypsy peppers, and scallions. I had the cook-recommended Filipino Breakfast made with two fried eggs, longanisa sausage, garlic fried rice, spicy dill pickle, and cilantro. It was really good. The sausage, which I've never tried before, had a nice spiciness and when scooped up with garlicky rice and fried eggs, pretty much were everything I've wanted in a savory breakfast dish. I also enjoyed the flavors brought out by the fresh tomatoes and tangy pickles on the side.

I would definitely stop by Ramen Shop for brunch (...lunch and dinner, let's be real) again. They're still an impressive restaurant four years later and I'm wondering why it's taken me so long to return. If you've visited Ramen Shop recently, what do you recommend trying?

Ramen Shop
5812 College Ave., Oakland, CA 94618
Open: Monday - Thursday 5 - 10:30, Friday 5 - midnight, Saturday 11 - 3 & 4 - midnight, Sunday 11 - 3 & 4 - 10:30

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