Monday, February 9, 2015

Eat in Oakland: Lois the Pie Queen

Gennies' Scramble made with sweet peppers, green onions, and Italian sausage, served with grits and muffins

Deviled Egg Sandwich served with chips

Super Chick Cheesecake: rum cheesecake with gingersnap crust and rum-infused caramel

This past weekend, I finally visited a place I've been wanting to try for a while: Lois the Pie Queen in North Oakland. This popular pie shop and breakfast spot is known for a wide selection of pies and cheesecakes. It has a modest interior, but seems to always be busy on the weekend.

I tried the Deviled Egg Sandwich, which came with a side of chips. It was pretty good. It was made with more eggs than I can count as well as lettuce and tomatoes. It was messy, eggy, and I can't complain. My dining companion confirmed that he enjoyed the Gennies' Scramble, which came with grits and muffins, as well. Of course, the main event was the Super Chick Cheesecake. It had a delicious rum flavor throughout and an incredible gingersnap crust. The crust crumbled in your mouth, just how I like it.

The next time I visit, I'll try the Sweet Potato Pie or Pecan Pie. If you've visited Lois the Pie Queen, what did you enjoy?

Lois the Pie Queen
851 60th St., Oakland, CA 94609
Open: Monday - Friday 8 - 2, Saturday 7 - 3, Sunday 7 - 4

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