Thursday, May 19, 2022

Eat in Napa: Oasis by Hoopes Vineyard

Left: Napa Valley Chardonnay
Right: 4-pack mini bottle tasting

Cheese, Please! charcuterie board: four handcrafted cheeses from local dairies, dried fruit, jams, jellies, nuts, olives, and a Bouchon Bakery epi-baguette

Left: The amazing charcuterie board
Right: Rosé of Cabernet

In early October, I visited Oasis by Hoopes Vineyard in Napa for the first time with a few close friends. I won an Instagram contest that gave me a $1,000 credit to Hoopes Vineyard that I could spend on everything from bottles of wine to visits to Oasis. I'm glad I visited Oasis. It's a beautiful, casual take on a Napa wine trip; perfect for someone like me who is a wine novice and hasn't spent much time in wine country. We reserved a spot for 90 minutes or so and were treated to a wonderful afternoon by their gracious, hospitable staff. 

After arriving, we were greeted with a taste of their Napa Valley Chardonnay, which they've described as a Goldilocks chardonnay that's neither too rich nor too lean. We then ordered a bottle of their only rosé, Rosé of Cabernet, as well as a 4-pack of mini bottles so we could try more of their selection. The rosé was unlike any I've had before, which is not surprising as rosés can vary greatly. In our 4-pack, we tried Genny's Vineyard Chardonnay Carneros, Sophie's Oak Knoll Syrah, Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, and Oakville Cabernet Sauvignon. This was a great way to taste the more expensive options as well as the red wines in which we're not as accustomed. In all, our favorite was actually a white wine — Genny's Vineyard Chardonnay Carneros — which had a buttery taste I really loved.

To complement our wine, we ordered the Cheese, Please! charcuterie board made with four handcrafted cheeses from local dairies, dried fruit, jams, jellies, nuts, olives, and a Bouchon Bakery epi-baguette. It was quite good. The cheeses had dynamic flavors, some even with peppercorns within, while the jellies, jams, and olives provided interesting textures. This was a charcuterie board for the books!

Besides consuming the amazing wine and food, we also explored the grounds, which includes gardens where they grow organic fruits and vegetables, an animal sanctuary with everything from goats and miniature horses to a variety of chickens, and an Airstream. It's a pretty peaceful place to be, even when the roosters aren't crowing.

I have since returned to Oasis once and have one more trip to plan. The second time, we ordered pretty much the same thing, besides switching up the wines in the mini bottles. I'm excited for my next visit. If you've been to wine country, what do you recommend?

Oasis by Hoopes Vineyard
6204 Washington St., Napa, CA 94558
Open: Daily 10am - 4pm

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