Thursday, January 22, 2015

Work It, Google: Veronique Lafargue

Veronique is with her co-worker, Marion Creusat.

What's your name? 
Veronique Lafargue

Where do you live? What do you do at Google?
I live in Palo Alto and I am Senior Marketing Manager at Google.

How would you describe your style?
I would say my style is quite feminine: skirts and dresses, heels and blouses, with definitely a lot of French accessories like shoes, purses or scarves from Paris. It varies with my mood!

I found that living in California gave me a lot of freedom to experiment with my style and that my work environment is super open and non-judgmental. I have more creative confidence that I can express in my outfits, like wearing an organza skirt on Monday, ending the week with a basic cotton sweater or adding a little hat for the chilly mornings.

I love graphic design, patterns and mixing textures.

What's your typical work outfit look like?
Straight pants, blouse and leather jacket or a dress with high boots. I almost always add a scarf, for style and comfort. I alternate between two generous purses, a brown and a yellow one, big enough to carry everything I need‒and even things I don't really need :).

How do you upgrade a typical work outfit?
With makeup‒a little darker eyes, more colorful lips‒and more elegant jewelry, like beautiful pendant earrings or a statement necklace. It is a simple way to take a basic outfit to an evening one!

What brands do you like in particular? 
Comptoir Des Cotonniers, Maje, Agnès B., DVF, Chloé, Chanel and the textiles from Marimekko.

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