Monday, December 7, 2009

一百! 一百! 一百!

I'd like to begin this post with the words of the Laney Boggs, Rachel Leigh Cook's artistically-talented though socially-isolating character in the 1999 super-classic teenage rom-com She's All That: I really broke out the big guns with that one (skip to 5:34 - 7:16 for the theatrical magic). "That one" being my use of 中文 (Mandarin Chinese) in the title. I can assure you I have my reasons for going bilingual: (1) I got to use the "bow" tag for this post and (2) this is post #100! Snazzed up to celebrate this wonderful cyber-event, this girl has even pulled out the big guns herself: a fur-collared coat delicately covering her dress underneath and an eye-catching bow headband.
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